Top 5 Smallest Dog Breeds

Small dogs are great for people that live in apartments since they do not need as much experience. Some small dogs want to explore while others need their own space and may not get along with young children. These dogs still need to be trained and they will need to be groomed. These are some of the smallest dog breeds that make great pets.


The Affenpinscher is not only the smallest dog breed, but one of the most beloved and comical dog breeds of all. The dog loves to have fun and can be mischievous at times. The dog has a face that looks a little bit like a monkey. This is one of the oldest smaller dog breeds. The dog is brave and thinks he is much larger than he is. He is not afraid of bigger dogs and may bark at them.

Brussels Griffon

Next on our list is the Brussels Griffon. This little dog comes in different colors and it can have a smooth or rough coat. These dogs tend to stand out because it looks like they have a beard. The dogs are loving and they like to be around their owners and be close to them. These dogs can be friendly and they are easy to train. They often get along with other pets and they will get along with children that are taught the right way to treat a dog.


The Chihuahua is a small and compact breed that is high-energy and has a lot of attitude. These dogs are born with long or short coats. They may be little dogs but they will have a big personality. If not trained the dog will think that they are in charge of the household.

These dogs are generally happy and loyal to their owner. They like to play and when they are not playing they enjoy sitting on the lap of their owner.


The dachshund is a small, lively dog that is extremely loyal and loves to play. They have long bodies yet are low to the ground. According to the AKC Registration, this is one of the most popular breeds and are preferred by pet owners. The dog can have a smooth coat, a long coat, or wired hair. This dog can come in their small standard size or there are even miniature versions of the dachshund.


Easily recognized by its ‘smushed’ face and curly tail, the Pug is one of the most beloved dogs on our list. They are playful and they enjoy being loved by their owner. They like to spend time outdoors and they love to go on walks. This dog is affectionate and wants to be around and please their owners.

These are some of the smallest dog breeds that make the best pets. These dogs are playful and affectionate. They may come in small packages but they make great pets.

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